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The SAS alumni community includes our graduates' four-legged family members as well. To share your pet with the community, please complete the form below.


Meet Anji who belongs to SAS Alumni Chris Yu, Class of 2009. Anji is adorable now, but did not come from great beginnings. When Chris was out hiking in Anji, Zhejiang over a year ago, he spotted Anji tied to a bamboo tree with not-so-great living conditions. Chris knew he needed to step in and take Anji home with him to give him the best home possible. It sure looks like he’s one spoiled pup now!



Meet Shanti, a 4-year-old Schnauzer lady. She belongs to former SAS student Angela Lee who left SAS in 2007. Being born under the Capricorn star sign, she lives up to the expectations of being one stubborn dog. When she’s not being a diva, she loves to play with her human little brother.



Dani is a 5 year-old, adventurous Corgi. Her mom is Belle Zhang, class of 2014.



Isla the Shiba was recently rescued by Rachel Zhang, class of 2021.